Advice for anyone travelling to the Sierras this MLK weekend.

Some things that are not being heard on the news. For those of you planning on coming to the Truckee Tahoe area: Bring lots of patience, kindness, winter preparedness and mindful driving skills. Do some research before you drive up here. Some neighborhoods still do not have power. Food and other necessities are sparse due to trucks not being able to get here. Proper winter tires or chains are a must as the roads are extremely icy and snowy here right now. Roads are 1 lane in many places, and there is not a lot of parking in certain shopping areas due to snow mounds occupying spaces. You are not allowed to shovel snow into the roadways & yes you will have burms from snow removal…everywhere. Roofs are shedding, and it is very deep snow. Do not let your kids play under roof shed areas or busy roadways; make sure they know this.

Trees are snapping and coming down in many places, which means power outages can still happen. Cable, Internet, and Cellular services are intermittent.  We are still under Avalanche warnings in some neighborhoods. Bring a shovel with you and all necessary provisions/food because you might find those items are not available up in the stores here due to high demand. Heed all warnings and out of bounds signs on the mountain and realize the dangers of breaking the rules could cost you your life. Lastly common sense is very important, the simplest tasks can become life threatening if you make the wrong decision in this deep of snow. Thanks and enjoy your trip!


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